Solving Tomorrow’s Technology Problems Today.


We have built our solutions to help modern businesses of every size to future-proof their technology investments. We deliver solutions that are customized to your digital needs keeping efficiency and productivity at a high priority.

Data Analytics & Insights

TechWish offers end-to-end data capabilities TechWish offers end-to-end data capabilities.

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Cloud Services

TechWish helps in managing the cloud operations with a team of experts specialized in Cloud.

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TechWish has built a team of experts who help clients build IoT products and services.

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TechWish team helps its clients to design, build, deliver, operate and control IT Services through….

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Contingent Workforce Solutions

TechWish helps businesses manage important relationships with ‘talent’ and ensure that the needs are met on both….

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Application Development & Maintenance

By Harnessing the power of digital adoption, the TechWish team of experts can help companies to continuously….

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Diverse Industries, Diversified expertise

TechWish has it’s footprint in diverse industries. Over the years we have developed a phenomenal team of experts to take care of each industry because we understand that every industry has its own technology and workforce requirements. We deliver innovative and precise solutions with our wide-ranging expertise.


Contemporary technology solutions for complex business problems

Integrated technology & Infrastructure solutions to transform organizations into powerhouses driven by Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of things, Blockchain and Business analytics. TechWish endeavours to provide cutting-edge technology to help organizations achieve scalability, security and agility in today’s borderless work environment.

and Travel

We help you Forge Ahead

Around the world, mobility is revamped with the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), Autonomy, EV, Real-time connectivity and communication. The automotive industry is forging ahead with the latest innovations and organizations of any size can venture with the help of a competent technology partner.

and Media

Seamless communication & media solutions

Real-time communication and broadcasting technologies have digitally transformed this industry. Communication and content accessibility across devices is a valuable addition. Technologies like 5G, IoT, Wearable, Augmented and Virtual Reality are making promising developments and redefining the way we communicate and consume content.

Finance & Banking Services

Uncompromised quality & compliance

The Financial Services industry is at the forefront of digital transformation. The phenomenal growth of the banking sector has opened doors to new age opportunities and technological breakthroughs in the form of digital currency, blockchain, AI-powered applications and cybersecurity. TechWish has been serving many fintech companies with technology adoption, regulatory compliance and data security.

and Pharma

Melding technology with healthcare

The healthcare industry has a lot of success stories in technology adoption. The industry can provide world-class healthcare solutions with the latest technology developments like Telemedicine, Data Analytics for personalized healthcare, Nanotechnology, Robotics, Wearables for fitness tracking etc.

and Nonprofits

Citizen centric smart solutions

TechWish has been supporting many government agencies and non-profit organizations in adopting the latest technology for their e-governance initiatives, targeted citizen-centric services, cybersecurity, defense, cryptocurrency, blockchain, surveillance and facial recognition, electronic toll collection etc.


Accelerating Delivery & Customer satisfaction

Technology adoption by retail companies enabled them to know their customers better and thereby offer customized products and services. TechWish has been helping one of the largest retail brands in embracing technology in Point of sale systems, AI, Analytics, e-commerce solutions, Robotics, Assorting and warehousing, Logistics, etc.

About Us

TechWish has been in business for the last two decades and the experience has enabled us to deliver IT Services/Solutions for many Fortune 100 companies across various domains like Finance, Telecom, Healthcare etc



Global Engagements


The TechWish management team has guided the company through significant organic and acquisition- based growth since the company’s founding in 1999.
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