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Communication & Media

Communication technology has evolved greatly over the past few decades, with many related innovations coming together to enrich and enhance human interaction.

The TechWish team enhances these communication processes by helping clients make optimal use of communication technology and catalyze their businesses. Our superior communication technology solutions provide better ways to work, live and grow.

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Automotive & Travel

Rapid advancements in technology have played a crucial role in the world of automobiles and travel in general.  This technological progress has helped humanity access and use easier and more convenient forms of traveling, and also reduce friction in the planning of travel.

TechWish facilitates the coming together of technology and travel in order to deliver seamless travel experiences.  Our teams combine the best of AI, machine learning, app development, and robotics to help customers automate processes like travel planning, itinerary management, customizing travel packages, enabling e-payments, and personalizing marketing outreach.

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Finance & Banking Services

The finance sector has changed dramatically with recent technological advancement, leading to an all-new sector of services known as Fintech. This has made the finance sector much more complex, and the emergence of sophisticated assistive services is inevitable.

TechWish offers institutions in this sector high-precision support for effective and timely decision-making, leading to better financial outcomes. Our reliable application, infrastructure, and analytics services make a difference to our clients and help them stay current.

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Government and Non-profits

Technology is taking over all aspects of life, and the government and non-profit sectors are no exception. Organizations in these sectors leverage technology to deliver services in the most citizen-centric manner, with security, accuracy, and punctuality.

TechWish helps organizations in these sectors with digital transformation and the implementation of e-governance. We have assisted with technology implementations that improve project management, enhance data security, and help improve living standards through predictive analytics on behavioral patterns.

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Health Care and Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare services have undergone tremendous changes globally, driven by new technology. Wearable tech like mobile wellness applications, telemedicine, and other inventions have facilitated monitoring, foresight, and precision in customized patient treatments.

A range of technologies are at the crux of this development, making it possible to predict, identify, and mitigate the effects of life-altering health issues. TechWish’s data analytics solutions are vital in leveraging these technologies’ advantages and enhancing our clients’ businesses.

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Technology has digitized the entire buying and selling process, making online retail extremely popular in recent years. This has made it possible to track brand popularity, trends in customer behavior, and the rise and fall of brand value in real time, significantly impacting retail businesses’ growth and success.

TechWish has a reputation for its unique offerings across data collection, analysis, and transformation. Our services enable us to collect data from multiple sources, analyze it to identify trends and patterns, and transform it into actionable insights to help our clients grow their businesses.

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About Us

For over 20 years, TechWish has been serving as a prime source of digital transformation and technology consulting solutions for large as well as mid-sized enterprises, including Fortune 100 companies such as two of the top five media companies, the world’s top network infrastructure company, and the world’s largest credit union. As a preferred solutions integration partner, TechWish helps clients across a range of industry sectors analyze data, develop applications, and secure and modernize their technology infrastructure. We provide customized solutions that leverage our strategic partnerships with leading platform and technology companies.


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Global Presence

TechWish has an impactful global presence making it a go-to for all businesses looking for futuristic solutions. The world reaches out to us for solutions that are unique, customized, and contemporary. Our agile business solutions constantly guide our clients on the path to achieving their business goals, across industries internationally.

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