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“Techwish’s partnership with Incorta enables us to help our customers achieving enhanced analytics value by directly analyzing operational data using Incorta’s powerful data analytics platform. Together we are indulging organizations to achieve new levels of business agility and discover fresh insights for better decision making. As a trusted Incorta implementation partner, Techwish commended its exceptional performance in technology implementation and delivering outstanding value to our clients globally.”

Santhosh Kumar Gandi
Vice President – Data Analytics

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Our team of Architects, SMEs, and BI practitioners delivered projects for all major industry verticals through our delivery excellence framework and technology capabilities globally.


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Businesses today are looking for a robust unified data, insights, and AI/ML platform for real-time operational reporting and historical data explorations with a simple user-friendly GUI, scalable, and highly efficient modern architecture like INCORTA. Techwish offers the following INCORTA services:

  1. Platform & BI Modernization strategies and roadmap
  2. Architecture Recommendations
  3. Proof Of Concepts
  4. On-Prem to Cloud Migration
  5. Existing BI Environment to Incorta migration

INCORTA Intelligent Ingest feature accelerates and streamlines data integration between complex data sources and Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics, Google Cortex, etc. Techwish offers the following INCORTA services for our client’s success journey:

  1. Data Apps Installation and Configuration
  2. Azure Synapse Analytics and Google Cortex Integration
  3. Google BigQuery Integration
  4. Data Warehouse, Data Lake and Smart lake house implementation
  5. Code Promotions to upper environment
  6. Workload configuration and management

INCORTA leverages the preconfigured Spark cluster for data enrichment including machine learning, and parallelizing operations such as data loading and data reduction. Users can build accurate and trusted models using integrated machine learning libraries. Techwish offers the following INCORTA services for our clients:

  1. Auto ML Configuration
  2. Installation of AI/ML Libraries
  3. AI/ML model design
  4. Design and Development of Dashboards using trained data
  5. Apache Spark Configuration

INCORTA Data applications are pre-built accelerators to speed the development of operational analytics, reporting, and AI. These Apps reduce initial development time to visualize the data from popular business solutions. Techwish offers the following INCORTA services:

  1. Oracle EBS, Oracle Cloud, Salesforce, SAP, NetSuite ERP Apps Integration Customization of Schemas
  2. Design, Development and Customization of Dashboards
  3. Infuse AI/ML models
  4. Workload management

Our efficient, scalable and budget-friendly INCORTA managed, fixed cost and T&M service offerings, coupled with the execution of operational best practices driven by a skilled and experienced workforce, serve our customers to help them focus more on business growth rather than managing the Incorta data platform. Offering highlights are:

  1. Server workload management & Monitoring
  2. Schema, Report & Dashboard Enhancements and Optimization
  3. Server Optimization
  4. User security and Schedule management
  5. Code Promotions to upper environment
  6. Review and recommend best practices

Our Incorta experts assess the implementation, including hardware topology, services, storage, and data integration, to provide feedback and recommendations to the customer. Our Proven practices help us to deliver services much faster and increase the advantage of time-to-market deployments. Our offerings are:

  1. Review existing environments and pain points
  2. Identify potential data ingestion bottlenecks
  3. Identify potential Analytics/BI bottlenecks
  4. Document potential issues and recommendations
  5. Scalable solution strategy and best practices
  6. Periodic performance reviews and recommendations

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