Cloud Services

Attain agility with the advantage of cloud.

Cloud Advisory

Adopting cloud services is a daunting task, when not done with the right strategy it can lead to the wrong investment. We clearly understand your business needs and accordingly advise the right cloud solutions to work in synchronization with your team. Become an agile and easily scalable enterprise with the advantage of cloud.

Our cloud solutions are secure, scalable and resilient. We help companies select the right cloud platforms, define the plan and migrate to new cloud platforms. Business owners can have complete peace of mind while our experts take care of their storage needs. We deeply understand the future objectives of your business and advise the suitable cloud solutions which are futuristic and compatible with your organization’s objectives.

Cloud Migration

While cloud offers tremendous benefits, getting there without data loss, data corruption, delays or business interruption is an onerous task. Our capabilities include expertise in bulk lift and shift data from legacy systems to cloud platforms. We prepare a clear strategy aligned with the business needs and tie up any loose ends before starting the process.

We specialize in code conversions from legacy systems to all cloud platforms and automated test cases generation to validate the functionality of both on-premises and cloud platforms. We specialize in Amazon web services, Azure and Google cloud platforms. We give the highest priority to security and ensure that there are no security breaches. Cloud migration can be costlier than the new deployment but we make sure that the finances are judiciously utilized.

Cloud DevOps

To maximize the cloud deployment benefits, organizations must define a development process that can quickly deliver critical improvements. While maintaining enterprise-level quality testing and validating workflows, Cloud DevOps methodologies can help achieve this. We understand how to navigate cloud DevOps effectively and support the end-to-end deployment of new solutions on cloud at scale.
DevOps when done correctly helps organizations to build, test and deliver applications at speed. This will help them achieve business objectives at a faster pace than planned. DevOps helps the teams to work in synchrony and develop applications with very few defects. DevOps when integrated with security is known as DevSecOps which helps to create a secured cloud environment.

Cloud Operations

Migrating applications to the cloud will free up internal infrastructure but applications moved to the cloud still need to be managed like Configuration management, compliance, and governance, resource allocation, optimizing capacity utilization. Techwish helps in managing cloud operations with a team of experts specialized in Cloud services.

We use standard processes to monitor, maintain and secure the cloud infrastructure. We help you automate the monitoring with the use of dashboards, timely reports so that you can take appropriate action on the loose ends. Our cloud operations team can help organizations in capacity planning and asset management, scaling up and down the infrastructure as and when needed to save resources and finances. CloudOps when done in sync with DevOps and DevSecOps produce the best results.


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