Technology-enabled customer experience.

Technology has transformed the Retail Industry like never before. In today’s Retail industry, Insights and Analytics play a big role in capturing consumer behavior, trends, and help companies to target their offerings. A major shift towards e-Commerce and rapid digitization by retail companies has led to demand for Technology professionals.

There are promising developments in the retail industry with the deployment of robots, Virtual and augmented reality, digital shopping carts, data analytics and IoT. A-Commerce technology or Automated shopping is another revolution. The purchase process which is annually done is going to be automated. The shopping carts will get replenished when the stock is running out and the interconnected devices communicate with each other and automatically place an order using IoT Technology.

TechWish has firmly established its presence in the sector by providing customized solutions and contingent manpower. We help retail organizations like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Nordstrom etc., to collect, analyze and transform data into customer insights. These insights help retailers proactively target their customers with new products and offerings.


Diversity matters in building your brand reputation

Diversity matters in building your brand reputation

Diversity has been a hot topic in the business world for some time. With a diverse workforce, both employees and companies stand to gain. Often, innovation thrives when teams come from a range of backgrounds, bringing together a variety of perspectives that may...

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