Unified Health Management Application


Client’s Requirement

The client, a leading health solutions organization in America, sought an innovative, upgraded solution for health management and preventive care. The aim was to address challenges in their existing Health Management Application, such as inconsistent data representation, subpar UI/UX, performance and security issues, and non-compliance with standards.

Our Solution

Our team at Techwish is proud to present Unified Health Management Solution, a newly re-engineered health services application that is designed to elevate user experience, data consistency, regulatory compliance, and accessibility. The key features include:

  • BFF Design Patterns for performance improvement
  • Enhanced UI/UX with a responsive design
  • Comprehensive consent page for data regulation compliance
  • Technological advancements for faster market delivery
  • Adherence to WCAG 2.1 Accessibility Compliance guidelines

The solution follows the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe) with five Release Train Engineering (RTE) teams. Each team, composed of 11 members, worked on modular aspects of the application. Built with the MEAN stack, the application uses Angular for the front end and NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, and MySQL for the backend. Hosting is on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and tools like Jenkins, Harness, and CircleCI manage DevOps. Quality is maintained through Jasmine, Karma, Cucumber, and Playwright, while communication is facilitated by Rally, Teams, and Slack.

This comprehensive approach, combining SAFe methodology, cross-functional RTE teams, and a robust technology stack, allows for efficient development and seamless collaboration in creating the client’s Health Management application.

The Outcome

In summary, the Unified Health Management Solution embodies Techwish’s expertise in addressing challenges and delivering a responsive, compliant, and user-centric application. This innovation ensures cost savings, increased revenue, and showcases the impactful ROI of the new application. As we continue to innovate, we commit to delivering health services that match the evolving needs of our diverse user base.

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Chandrasekhar Pasarti
Yuhan Lin
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