Total Talent Management approach

Total Talent Management approach for increased efficiency and reduced costs

When a company creates its talent management strategy, it isn’t uncommon for leadership to view their permanent staff and their contingent workers as separate entities. Often, traditional hiring and contingent workforce management systems are placed in functional silos, resulting in a fragmented process that increases the complexity of the hiring and talent management landscape.

This divergence isn’t just inefficient from a cost perspective; it is also damaging from an operational standpoint. Companies can’t maintain a holistic view of their workforce as talent-related data isn’t typically centralized. Additionally, hiring practices lack standardization in this divided approach. Variations in the candidate experiences create a disjointed employer brand which can harm recruitment and retention on both fronts.

By creating an integrated hiring strategy, companies can experience a broad range of benefits that are often unattainable otherwise. If you are wondering how a total talent management approach can benefit your company, here’s what you need to know.

A Total Talent Management approach brings your permanent and contingent staff and potential candidates together, enabling you to create a single cohesive talent database. It reduces the number of processes and systems required to be maintained to ensure your workforce meets your needs.

Optimize the candidate experience

The experience you offer candidates has a significant impact on your employer brand. In a time when competition for top talent is fierce, you need to ensure that job seekers remain engaged as they move through the recruitment funnel and that their expectations are met each and every step along the way.

By using a total management approach, you have the ability to optimize the candidate experience. You can ensure that all candidates – both permanent and contingent – receive the same level of care and respect.

Additionally, you can streamline your approach to hiring by standardizing processes. This allows you to guarantee that the right candidate data is collected during each phase and stored in a centralized area. As a result, your process becomes more efficient, enabling it to move more quickly, something that all candidates will appreciate.

A holistic view of your workforce

With a total talent management approach, you can centralize your workforce data. Recruitment, hiring, and employee metrics are contained within a single system. As a result, you can analyze the data to anticipate your hiring needs, empowering you to be proactive with recruitment, or review retention data to identify areas for improvement.

Access to centralized talent databases

By embracing a total workforce management methodology that brings your permanent and contingent employees and candidates together, you can create a single, cohesive talent database that can be used to fill your vacant positions. When a permanent or contingent job becomes available, you can review your applicant and employee data to identify potential candidates, an approach that can shorten recruitment timeline and increase hiring speed.

Increased efficiency and reduced costs

With total talent management, you can increase the overall efficiency of your recruitment and hiring processes while simultaneously reducing costs. Through centralization and standardization, you are streamlining a critical part of your operation, reducing the number of processes and systems that need to be tapped or maintained to ensure your workforce meets your needs.

At TechWish, our approach to workforce management is designed to increase efficiency while reducing the cost of recruitment and hiring for our client companies. If you would like to know more about our total talent management solution, the team at TechWish wants to hear from you. Contact us to discuss your workforce management needs with one of our skilled staff members today and see how our services can benefit you.

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