Sales Cloud implementation

Leading Luxury Wall Paint Provider in India

Clients requirement

A leading provider of luxury wall finishes was grappling with a multitude of challenges. Their existing lead management tools fell short in efficiency, lacking centralized data management, an integrated analytics dashboard, and features like automation and scalability. This rendered the tracking of leads from various sources and calculating the ROI of marketing initiatives a demanding task. Moreover, the lack of clear pipeline visibility was a stumbling block in sealing deals. Inconsistent sales processes led to lost deals and decreased productivity, while limited collaboration between sales teams and other departments resulted in miscommunication. Furthermore, the scattered and disorganized nature of their sales data hindered effective reporting and analytics.

Our Solution

Team at Techwish successfully addressed these challenges by implementing the Salesforce Sales Cloud solution alongside Copado, which has significantly improved their sales and project management processes. Here are the key highlights of the implementation process.

Implemented Campaign Management:
Leveraged Salesforce Sales Cloud for more effective campaign management. This allowed the client to create personalized, targeted marketing initiatives and gain visibility into the return on investment (ROI) of their campaigns.

Automated Lead Capture:
Integrated Salesforce Sales Cloud with various social platforms such as Facebook, web-to-lead, and digital experience site to automate lead capture. This streamlined the process of capturing leads from multiple sources and ensured that no leads were overlooked.
Implemented Lead Nurturing and Eliminated Duplicate Data:
Utilized lead nurturing techniques and implemented branded email templates within Salesforce Sales Cloud. Additionally, addressed the issue of duplicate data through matching and duplicate rules, ensuring data accuracy and reliability.
We crafted user-friendly page layouts, enhancing the overall user experience. The automation of processes resulted in increased efficiency, consistency and reduced manual effort. Enhanced Opportunity & quote management streamlined the entire sales cycle, from lead capture to deal closure. Additionally, we developed comprehensive reports for effective monitoring, measurement, and analysis of sales performance.
DevOps CI/CD on Copado:
Provided continuous integration and continuous delivery services on Copado platform to power their change & release management. This included successful setup, monitoring and promoting user stories over the Copado pipeline. Performed Sandbox refresh and Data Management. Extended Copado to meet SDLC as required. The efforts resulted in
a. Matured development model
b. High quality and consistent processes
c. Maximum release velocity
d. Reduced Change Management efforts

Tech Stack

Salesforce Sales Cloud, Lighting App Builder, Community Builder, Dashboards, Apex classes, SOQL, SOSL, Asynchronous Apex, Triggers, Aura, Gmail & Meta Integrations and Copado

The Outcome

The implementation of Salesforce Sales Cloud has yielded numerous benefits for the client. Their sales team now has a centralized platform to track leads, opportunities, and customer information, resulting in a comprehensive view of the sales pipeline. This improved visibility has empowered them to make more informed decisions and prioritize their sales efforts effectively. As a result, the company has experienced better conversion rates, faster sales cycles, automated lead capture, and more accurate forecasting. Third-party integrations with Google Suite enhanced their functionality and productivity. Collectively, these outcomes have led to revenue growth and contributed to the overall success of the company.
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