Optimizing Energy Sector Insights with Incorta Migration


Company Size
Business Intelligence

Clients Requirement

Energy Solutions, a prominent global nuclear waste processing company, sought to enhance its business intelligence platform to gain more accurate and timely insights. Their existing Oracle report system and OBIEE fell short in delivering real-time data indispensable for crucial business decisions. Recognizing the necessity for a proficient partner, Energy Solutions partnered with Techwish for the migration process to Incorta, an advanced business intelligence platform.

Our Solutions

Recognizing the intricacies of the task, our team devised a comprehensive approach to integrate the property management data between these systems by developing an end-to-end solution. We provided robust unified data analytics models underpinned by a scalable data architecture, adeptly addressing data ingestion, aggregation, visualization, and distribution needs. The property module in the ERP system was flawlessly integrated with sales data in Salesforce, ensuring compliance with enterprise standards in line with business specifications.

The Outcome

The implementation of Incorta at Energy Solutions brought significant improvements in their ETL pipeline, shrinking the process time from hours to a mere 30 minutes. Reports and dashboards, which earlier took 30-40 minutes to generate in Oracle and OBIEE, now appear within seconds in Incorta. Additionally, Incorta’s intuitive dashboard design interface empowers users throughout the organization to craft dashboards, making it more than just a tool for developers. This transformative shift has revolutionized Energy Solutions’ BI infrastructure, transitioning from the conventional ‘request-wait-develop’ paradigm to a self-service business intelligence model.

Authored By
Venkat Nagalla
Senior Tech Lead
Data & Insights Practice
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