Internet of Things (IOT)

Right people, process and technology is our priority.
Flexible, open, scalable, connected, and intelligent platforms define IoT. We build and deploy smart IoT products that are organised, responsive, secure and scalable. Techwish built a team of experts who can help clients build IoT products and services. Our key areas of expertise:

Prototyping of IoT products

Flexible, open, scalable, connected, and intelligent platforms define IoT. We build and deploy smart IoT products that are organized, responsive, secure, and scalable. Techwish has built a team of experts who can help clients build IoT products and services with design accuracy and cost adherence.
Prototyping of IoT products will reduce the project risks, design errors etc., Prototyping helps to facilitate design changes and iterations. We understand the needs of your business and meticulously design the prototype according to the specifications. We use several appropriate test cases through different phases to check the efficacy of the product. Our experts will make sure that the prototype meets all the design and functional requirements before it reaches the production line.

Processing high-volume data from sensors

In the world of IoT, sensors play a dominant role. We use best-in-class wireless sensor networks for collecting a high volume of data from the devices. Our network of sensors is low-cost, low-power, fast, and fault-tolerant devices that are appropriately positioned for data collection, analysis, and dissemination.
Collecting data from sensors is one of the most valuable outcomes of IoT devices. But the data collected is often complex and raw. It needs a lot of processing time and ability. But not anymore. Techwish can help you collect and interpret the data in real-time using advanced tools and data analytics techniques. We help you transform the data into actionable insights using customized dashboards. The data collected from the sensors is securely stored and analyzed to avoid data leakages.

Monetize IoT data

Explore additional business opportunities with the data collected from IoT devices. The data which is collected may not be useful as it is but our team of data analysts can help you draw insights and patterns. These insights can help you understand the future needs of your organization, possible system failures, etc.
Data collected can be used for identifying business problems and opportunities. Decisions backed by data are informed and accurate. For example, if an enterprise collects data about a possible malfunction of a device using its IoT capabilities, it can sell the data to the manufacturer. The data can be used by the manufacturer in their R&D to improve product performance and durability. This will help both the organizations to help and support each other.

App development for IoT devices

We design and develop intelligent applications which can be successfully integrated with the hardware for seamless communication. Our specialists can well understand the requirements and design apps using the latest technology which are compatible, reliable and can work on all modern platforms.

Our applications for IoT devices are secure, modern and provide the best user experience. Application development for IoT devices is a complex exercise because of a load of handling sensors, connected devices, analytics tools, Dashboard interface, security systems etc., If done with precision and accuracy these applications can be a game-changer for the organization. They help the users to communicate with the devices, interact with dashboards, monitor security status etc., on the go.

Product Development

Home automation using IoT is one of the largest investments in the digital era. Techwish has been helping its clients in building IoT products specifically in-home and workplace automation. The products include Touch Panels to control electric switches, sensors, IP cameras, Door Bells, etc.
After successful prototyping of IoT products, we move them into the production line. Our product development lines are fully automated and each device is carefully crafted with care and precision. Every device will undergo various quality checks and performance tests at different stages of production. We also help in the maintenance and improvement during the entire product life cycle hence creating a long lasting product performance and user experience.


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