Streamlining Real Estate Analytics: Bridging Oracle and Salesforce


Company Size

Client’s Requirement

Nakheel Properties, a renowned real estate development company based in Dubai, UAE, boasts a diverse portfolio across the residential, retail, hospitality, and leisure sectors. Given their data is housed on both the Oracle ERP system and Salesforce, integrating data and maintaining Business Intelligence components across the platforms became intractable

Our Solution

Recognizing the intricacies of the task, our team devised a comprehensive approach to integrate the property management data between these systems by developing an end-to-end solution. We provided robust unified data analytics models underpinned by a scalable data architecture, adeptly addressing data ingestion, aggregation, visualization, and distribution needs. The property module in the ERP system was flawlessly integrated with sales data in Salesforce, ensuring compliance with enterprise standards in line with business specifications.

The Outcome

Our team proficiently integrated the data across the systems, adhering to the stipulated project timelines and budget. The implemented solution equips a high-performance schematic layer design that integrates and consolidates various data sources. It delivers up-to-date data in mere minutes, without hampering system performance, and incorporates data compression and encryption for improved data security.

Empowered by this solution, business users can perform direct analysis of the raw business data, delivering accurate and faster insights. The revamped platform upholds strict data governance and lineage standards, instilling confidence in users as they make decisions based on accurate data drilled down to granular transaction details.

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Venkat Nagalla
Senior Tech Lead
Data & Insights Practice
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