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Elevate your real-estate business with our cutting-edge Data App on Incorta

In an era where data is the new gold, having the right tools to mine and interpret it is very crucial. Techwish Property Management Analytics has been revolutionizing real-estate operations by leveraging Oracle EBS and Salesforce data to deliver unparalleled insights. This means optimized analytics implementation, better resource allocation, and enhanced profitability. Built on the Incorta platform, the tool offers real-time operational reporting, enabling businesses to make swift, informed decisions.

Tailored for industry professionals relying on EBS and Salesforce, the application integrates Sales, Revenue, Leasing, and Opportunity Data seamlessly. Advanced drill-down features ensure that navigating complex datasets is intuitive, helping businesses maintain a competitive edge in the bustling real estate market.

The Core KPIs

At the heart of our Data App lies a meticulously curated bundle of Business Schemas and Dashboards, designed to derive meaningful insights from Property Management. Here’s a snapshot of the essential KPIs of real estate business that our tool covers:

Sales, leasing, and opportunity positions
Geographic distribution of properties
Actual Vs projected revenue summaries
Revenue losses due to vacant positions
Potential revenue pitfalls from expiring leases
Answering Crucial Business Questions

Every business decision is a question waiting for an answer. Our Data App addresses pivotal questions such as the below:

What and where are our properties?
Lease status: How many were leased vs. vacant?
Revenue insights: How much is generated vs. lost due to vacancies?
Upcoming lease expirations: How many are due this month or quarter?
Duration insights: How long have our properties been vacant?
Sales trajectory: What is the status of our property sales?
Opportunities dissected: Various opportunities by status, leads, and sources.
Lease execution trends over months

Key Benefits

From rapid data ingestion and tailored insights to maximized ROI and effortless data integration, our state-of-the-art platform offers a suite of distinctive benefits.


Witness a smooth journey from trusted sources such as Salesforce and Oracle EBS to insightful business decisions. The Incorta Data Platform’s architecture is where technology meets clarity.

Delving into the Dashboards
Property & Revenue Summary:

This tab showcases KPIs of properties, revenue, and occupancy. With drill-down capabilities, it digs deep into the summaries to extract granular insights.

Lease Summary:

Focused on leases, this tab presents KPIs related to revenue losses from expired leases and potential revenue implications from soon-to-expire leases. The drill-down functionality allows for a detailed examination of the summaries.

Property Sales:

A dedicated space to navigate through KPIs of property sales, opportunities, sales targets versus actual achievements, and the revenue generated. Additionally, it provides drill-down capabilities to understand the intricate details behind the summaries.

Property Details:

Get a detailed view of property information like office locations, floors, and individual buildings. This dashboard is linked with drill functionalities applied on the summary tabs.

Lease Details:

This tab goes deep into property leases with insights on expiration summaries, potential revenue losses, and the actual durations of leases. The drill functionality provides a layered view, linking back to the dashboard summary insights.

Payment Details:

This tab is a comprehensive guide to a lease’s billing complexities, detailing rentals, associated expenses, and other pivotal details such as payment terms. The drill functionality targets the ‘AR invoices’ tab, especially when exploring based on the ‘AR Invoice Code’ in ‘Payment items’.

Extending the Horizons of Analytics

The Property Management Data App is dynamic, always evolving with an eye on the future. With potential enhancements on the horizon, we’re geared to integrate:

Predictive analytics to forecast sales trends
Opportunities prediction to identify potential avenues for growth
Loss predictions to safeguard against potential pitfalls
Maintenance predictions to ensure seamless operational longevity
Growth rate analysis across diverse timeframes, allowing for strategic planning

Techwish Property Management Analytics is more than just a tool—it’s a catalyst for data-driven success in real estate. Merging advanced technology with industry insights, we’re setting new standards for efficiency and innovation. Our mission? To equip businesses with unparalleled tools for success in a dynamic market landscape.

Authored By
Siva Sugali – Architect
Venkat Nagalla – Tech Lead
Shashidhar Srisailam – Senior BI Practitioner
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