Incorta Integration with Power BI: Analytics at Scale with Incorta, PySpark and Power BI



Our PowerBI Analysis Data Integration and Reporting Solution with Incorta and PySpark empowers organizations to seamlessly integrate Power BI endpoint, automate data retrieval and transformation using PySpark, and leverage Incorta’s advanced capabilities for data integration, modeling, and reporting. By combining the strengths of PySpark and Incorta, we enable efficient data processing, seamless access to Power BI data, and the creation of interactive dashboards and reports for comprehensive data analysis and reporting.

key Features:

1. Automated Data Retrieval with PySpark:

– Utilizing PySpark, we automate the retrieval of Power BI data using REST API calls.
– We leverage PySpark’s capabilities to send requests to the Power BI REST API and extract data for further processing.

2. Data Transformation and Consolidation with PySpark:

– Using PySpark, we perform data transformations, cleansing, filtering, and enrichment on the retrieved Power BI data.
– We consolidate the transformed data into optimized Spark DataFrames.

3. Incorta Data Integration and Modeling:

– Leveraging Incorta’s data integration capabilities, we seamlessly load the consolidated data into Incorta’s Direct Data Mapping engine.
– Incorta’s advanced modeling features enable us to define relationships, hierarchies, and calculations for the Power BI data.

4. Retrieve Users Information for Each Dataset:

– We utilize the Power BI REST API to retrieve users’ information for each dataset.
– Using PySpark, we automate the process of sending requests to the API and consolidating the users’ data into a unified DataFrame.

5. Create Interactive Dashboards and Reports in Incorta:

– Leveraging Incorta’s reporting interface, we create interactive dashboards and reports.
– We design visually appealing visualizations, apply filters, and incorporate advanced analytics features to enable in-depth data exploration.

6. Data Lineage and Governance:

– Incorta’s metadata management capabilities track and document the data lineage of the consolidated Power BI data.
– This ensures data governance, compliance, and provides transparency and trust in the data.


1. Efficient Data Processing and Automation:

– PySpark enables automated data retrieval and transformation, reducing manual effort and improving efficiency.
– Incorta’s data integration capabilities streamline the process of loading and modeling Power BI data.

2. Seamless Data Access and Analysis:

– The integration of PySpark and Incorta enables seamless access to Power BI data, ensuring up-to-date insights and analysis.

3. Advanced Analytics and Visualization:

– PySpark’s data transformation capabilities and Incorta’s reporting interface enable advanced analytics and interactive visualizations for comprehensive data analysis.

4. Optimized Performance and Scalability:

– PySpark’s distributed processing and Incorta’s in-memory technology ensure optimized performance and scalability, even with large volumes of Power BI data.

5. Data Lineage and Governance:

– Gain insights into Power BI data usage and lineage through detailed monitoring and tracking of dataflows, datasets, and user interactions.
– Enable auditing and compliance by tracking access permissions, data sources, and data transformations.


Our PowerBI Analysis Data Integration and Reporting Solution with Incorta and PySpark revolutionizes the way organizations integrate, transform, and analyze Power BI data. By automating data retrieval and transformation, leveraging Incorta’s advanced capabilities, and utilizing PySpark’s data processing power, we enable organizations to gain valuable insights, make informed decisions, and drive business growth. With interactive dashboards, advanced analytics features, and robust data governance, our solution empowers businesses to unlock the full potential of their Power BI data.

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Venkat Nagalla
Senior Tech Lead
Data & Insights Practice
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