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Intelligent Ingest:

Incorta Intelligent Ingest streamlines the integration between complex data sources and Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics. It accelerates data mart deployment and automates model design and source schema mapping with Incorta data applications. These applications provide a new, faster, more effective option for analyzing and understanding your data, without the need for data modeling or extract, transform, load (ETL), and preserve the granularity of the raw data sets.

Customer Benefits
Faster and Easier Migration
Reduced Complexity and Enhanced Insights
Reduced Project Cost
Enhanced Customer Value and ROI

Data Apps:

Incorta Data applications are pre-built accelerators to speed the development of operational analytics, reporting and AI. They capture best practices from the community to bring prebuilt analytics including dashboard templates and content for accessing, organizing and presenting data from popular business solutions such as Oracle E-Business Suite, ERP Cloud, NetSuite, SAP, JD Edwards and Salesforce. Data applications include schemas for multiple functional areas in each application, business views that express key metrics, sample reports, visualizations, and sample data. After the installation of a data application template in a cluster, slight customization is required to adjust for customer needs and preferences.

Customer Benefits
OBIEE tool is dependent on traditional data architecture with rigid data pipelines
Traditional data modeling, ETL, Datawarehousing are time-consuming especially for larger volume complex applications such as EBS, NetSuite
Legacy Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is reaching end-of-life and updating existing reports is a resource-intensive process for highly specialized staff that delays delivery of insights

Data Science:

Incorta leverages the preconfigured Spark cluster for data enrichment including machine learning, and for parallelizing operations such as data loading and data reduction. Users can build accurate and trusted models using the integrated machine learning library to easily set up time-series predictions, outlier detection and classification. Data scientists easily script complex operations with integrated Python, Scala, R & SQL notebooks and leverage Incorta ML that provides access to a variety of algorithms and includes an Auto-ML function. We can schedule jobs to orchestrate model retraining, predictions and monitoring with minimal effort.

Customer Benefits
Supports Regression & Classification along with Time Series Predictions
Preconfigured Spark Cluster
Automatically selects best model with Auto-ML Function
Saves chosen model for later prediction. Train once, predict many times
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Venkat Nagalla
Senior Tech Lead
Data & Insights Practice
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