Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Techwish is profoundly committed to the cause of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Achieving gender parity, inclusivity and equity is the core objective of our human resource teams. Our policies are designed in such a way that they act as a roadmap for achieving our long-term DEI objectives. Our policies cover individuals of all kinds because we believe that every human being is unique and deserves a chance to prove his/her abilities. As a company built on people-first policy, we take pride in the diversity of our teams.

We welcome people with diverse backgrounds, geography, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities, financial status, religious beliefs, perspectives, experiences, likes, dislikes etc., Our human resources team is trained to accommodate and assist the specially-abled to fit into the corporate work environment. Our performance management processes are unbiased and equitable.

TechWish is an equal opportunity employer. We firmly believe that everyone, irrespective of their

Gender, Orientation, Ethnicity, Religious beliefs and physical ability deserves to be treated equally and given the opportunity to build a career.

Diversity brings a rainbow of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs which propel the organization towards innovation and creativity. As a global company our clients come from all walks of life and our teams are equipped with diverse talent from different parts of the world to help us communicate and serve them better.

The scope of our diversity,
equity and inclusion
policies includes

Acknowledge the fact that people come from a variety of backgrounds. Encourage global talent irrespective of their ethnicity, physical ability, orientation, gender, financial status etc., and make them feel important, respected, included, and engaged

Comply with government rules and regulations in the jurisdiction we operate

Prescribe an unbiased and neutral approach in the performance review process, employee code of conduct etc., avoid the use of stereotypes that alienate people

Avoid unilateral decisions which are inconsistent with the policies and ensure fairness.

Create a complaint handling mechanism which include members with diversity across the levels of the organization

Avoid barriers and break glass-ceiling to encourage gender parity in the top positions of the organization.

Conduct workshops and orientation programs for employees on diversity and inclusion periodically so that they can reflect upon their behavior and value the importance of being inclusive at work

Continuously monitor the application of DEI policy and amend as per the need and benefit of everyone

Role of an Employee

Regularly attend the awareness sessions and workshops conducted by the organization to prepare self – free from biases and prejudices

Do not indulge in harassment, bullying or discrimination in any form directly or indirectly

Respect the diversity and perspective of everyone in the organization

Maintain a gender-neutral stand and do not judge people by their colour, ethnicity or orientation.

Respect and align oneself with the organization’s objectives and work towards creating an inclusive and equitable workplace

Role of the leader

Maintain a neutral and unbiased approach in employment decisions, performance reviews and workplace interactions

Take ownership and accountability of DEI outcomes and work towards improvements

Do not consider the DEI initiative as a cost center.

Prepare teams to be inclusive and accommodative for people with diversity

Set up a grievance redress mechanism and create a team that can be sensitive and
responsive at all times

Violation of the policy

Employees are encouraged to report violations of the DEI policy. Any violation of the stated DEI policy is viewed seriously and an inquiry is initiated. Care is taken to ensure fair, unbiased and confidential investigation.

An employee found to have violated the policy is liable for disciplinary action, which may also include termination of employment.

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