Data Analytics And Insights

Unlock the potential of data analytics by organizing your data.

Enterprise Data Strategy

Organizations of every size and industry must have a Data Strategy in place to unlock the growth, but many organizations and business units operate without enterprise data plans. Though developing a strategy seems elusive, with the right talent and the right solutions provider it can be achieved.

Techwish can help enterprises evolve data-driven approaches to make better business decisions. We can help businesses improve their data management process by identifying their data requirements, streamlining their data operations, improving data governance, and adhere to compliance requirements. We help the companies install the right technology to transform their massive data into actionable insights. Decisions which are backed by data are precise and meticulous.

Enterprise Data Integration

Identifying the right integration software products is a challenge. We help organizations to pick the right integration software platforms which can connect to all the required data sources an organization needs to pull the data. We make sure that the integration is seamless and error-free.

Our team of experts at TechWish can help you retrieve the data from the legacy systems and integrate it with the new database management framework. Often the legacy data seems unstructured and incompatible with the new format of data management. Our expertise can help you overcome this stumbling block with the right data transformation tools and techniques for a better and flawless data integration.

Data Stack Modernization

When Data is growing exponentially, extracting meaningful insights from the data will be complex and any deviations in the right representation will lead to wrong decisions. When new technology and new ways of doing business evolve, legacy data systems need an immediate upgrade.
Our expertise can help you integrate the data from discrete sources and transform it to blend with the new business goals. We make data stack modernization more structured by preselecting the right ecosystems and software products that can help build new platforms in weeks rather than months. Our data stack modernizations are secure, reliable, and future-proof with the latest updates and techniques.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

In the world of digital data, AI and ML play a key role in transforming legacy business operations, creating new models, and unleashing business process improvements. With the power of AI & ML, quick data insights can be drawn which accelerates the decision-making process. We help organizations define ML platform architecture, prioritize and build machine learning models.

We also help in extensive testing of models and operationalize them across enterprises. Data transformation and correction using data stack modernization, data integration, and management is fundamental for Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Hence TechWish offers a one-stop solution to gain a greater advantage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

Business Intelligence and Visualization

Organizations are moving more towards a data-driven culture, enabling senior executives self-sufficient to make better decisions. A visual representation of data helps the senior executives to analyze the patterns, correlations, forecasting etc. Informed decision-making is a key to the success of any organization.
To achieve data visualization objectives, we partner with many cutting-edge and leading Business Intelligence software providers for inducting data from discrete sources, transforming and thereby creating data models and insights. We help organizations shift from traditional BI development to modern self-service, self-sufficient reporting systems. A few of our partnerships include Incorta, Thoughtspot, PowerBI, Tableau.


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