Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they are both essential ingredients for long-term success.

Bill Ford

Four core principles of
CSR at TechWish

Our core CSR principles guide us towards the effective selection and implementation of projects.

Focused on Local Communities

Our projects aim at impacting the lives of local communities within our reach so that we can provide better assistance.

Providing Fair and Equitable Opportunities for Women.

Our projects focus on making a significant positive change in the lives of girls and women who face many challenges in their lives.

Focused on Impact

We undertake projects where we can provide resources to generate maximum impact.

Opportunities for Volunteering

Our CSR activities provide a fulfilling opportunity for our employees to give back to the society

Our objective is to operate responsibly and create an enhanced value for society by taking up activities and initiatives which are sustainable economically, socially, and environmentally. Our CSR Committee includes Chairman, Chief-Executive officer, Head of human resources, Head of Finance, Head of Technology and a few other members from different levels of the organization.
We have generously contributed during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have conducted multiple activities to make a difference and bring a positive change both at the workplace and in society. Corporate social responsibility has always been a part of our long-term business strategy.

In the past few months, we have done the following activities as a part of our CSR initiatives




Sponsorship of Certification Courses to avail Job opportunities for underprivileged, mainly for Women

Donations to State Relief Funds – For floods and other such natural calamities

Invited kids from an orphanage to the office during festivals and celebrated with them. Sponsored one month meal etc.

Sponsoring of Girl Child education

Donations to Girl Child- Participating in 5k runs




Areas of CSR activities

Provide training, placement assistance for the needy and unrepresented sections

Create an inclusive environment for the Specially abled and people from diverse backgrounds

Giving opportunities to women, who had broken in their career because of maternity,  childcare etc.,

Organizing wellness activities from time to time to promote the culture of wellness

Contributing to times of distress, emergency, natural calamities to help the needy overcome the crisis

Maintaining environmentally sustainable workspaces in every country we operate

Funding the projects which are innovative and sustainable


Our CSR activities are implemented from time to time by our regional offices with the supervision of headquarters

All the initiatives will be properly implemented and accounted

The scope and outcome of the projects will be documented from time to time
The activities and initiatives will be in compliance with the laws and regulations of the government
Before implementation the scope, budget, implementing authority and metrics of measuring the effectiveness will be discussed and diligently monitored

Approval process

The CSR proposals and budgets will be reviewed and approved by the board from time to time. The utilization of the budgets will be by the front-line managers under supervision of the corporate CSR team.

Implementation partners

TechWish will seek help from partners like student volunteers, NGOs, employees and volunteers from society to implement specific initiatives. The partnership will be a formal process with a contract signed by both the parties. The Chairman or the Chief Executive Officer will be the authorized signatory for such contracts

Roles and responsibilities

Finance teams to diligently audit the CSR spend from time to time and the Management should be notified in case of irregularities if any.

Management to formulate CSR policy and allocate budget for the implementation

Corporate CSR management team to monitor the performance of the initiative and take immediate action incase of laxity in implementation

Each business unit to align itself with the objectives of the initiative and judiciously utilize the budgets allocated to them.

Front line managers are responsible for the implementation of the CSR initiatives.

Dispute resolution mechanism

The company from time to time partner with volunteers, NGOs, event management agencies for the planning and execution of its CSR activities. Any disputes arising out of the partnership will be settled through conciliation between the aggrieved party and the CSR heads of the organization.
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