Corporate Social Responsibility

At Techwish, we strongly commit to acting responsibly and generating added value for society. Our objective is to undertake activities and initiatives that are sustainable economically, socially, and environmentally. To ensure that our corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts are comprehensive and effective, we have established a dedicated CSR Committee comprising the Chairman, the Chief Executive Officer, the Head of Human Resources, the Head of Finance, the Head of Technology, and several other members from different levels of the organization.

Corporate social responsibility is not just a short-term response for us but an integral part of our long-term business strategy. We believe that operating responsibly and contributing positively to society is not only our duty, but also a core value that defines who we are as an organization. We strive to make a meaningful difference in our communities and leave a positive legacy for future generations.

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we at TechWish have been proactively engaged in making a positive impact both at the workplace and in society. We have generously contributed through various activities to support those in need and make a difference. From providing resources and support to frontline workers to conducting awareness campaigns on health and safety, we have been committed to playing our part in addressing the ongoing crisis.

For CSR initiatives to move forward, we have a set process to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our core principles of CSR guide us in the selection and implementation of our projects.

Four Core Principles of CSR at TechWish:

Focusing on Local Communities:
  • Our projects aim at impacting the lives of local communities within our reach so that we can provide better assistance.
Providing Fair and Equitable Opportunities for Women:
  • Our projects focus on making a significant positive change in the lives of girls and women who face many challenges in their lives.
Focusing on Impact:
  • We undertake projects where we can provide resources to generate the maximum impact.
Opportunities for Volunteering:
  • Our CSR activities provide a fulfilling opportunity for our employees to give back to the community.
Our comprehensive process for carrying out these CSR initiatives include the following key elements:


Our CSR activities are implemented through our regional offices, under the supervision of our headquarters. We ensure that all initiatives are properly executed and accounted for, with documentation of the scope and outcomes of each project. Our activities and initiatives are always in compliance with relevant laws and regulations set by the government. Before implementation, we thoroughly discuss the scope, budget, implementing authority, and metrics for measuring the effectiveness of each initiative. We diligently monitor the progress and impact of our CSR efforts, ensuring that they align with our goals and values as responsible corporate citizens.


TechWish recognizes the importance of collaboration and partnerships in implementing our CSR initiatives. We may seek assistance from partners such as student volunteers, NGOs, employees, and volunteers from society to execute specific initiatives effectively. These partnerships will be formalized through a contract signed by both parties, with the Chairman or the Chief Executive Officer serving as the authorized signatory. This ensures that our collaborations are formal, transparent, and in compliance with relevant regulations, and that our CSR efforts are carried out with the support and expertise of trusted partners.

Dispute Resolution

In the event of any disputes arising out of partnerships with volunteers, NGOs, or event management agencies for the planning and execution of our CSR activities, TechWish has a dispute resolution mechanism in place. The disputes will be settled through conciliation between the aggrieved party and the CSR heads of the organization. We believe in fostering open communication and finding amicable solutions to resolve any disagreements or conflicts that may arise, ensuring that our CSR partnerships are conducted in a fair and collaborative manner.

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