Contingent Workforce

Fill your skill gap with the best talent.

Staffing Services

Today every organization is experiencing a talent shortage. There is only 80% workforce available to take 100% available jobs. The most important reason for this is the gap between talent expectations and the availability of skilled manpower. The gap is expected to stretch further in the coming years.

Organizations have to maintain a large team to source, review and recruit. It takes a lot of time in recruiting itself and training will take even more time. To solve this problem we have a talent pool of well-trained individuals who can fit and perform in organizations of any size and industry. We provide swift access to qualified talent across a wide range of skills, technologies, and industries. We help clients achieve scalability and agility in effectively leveraging a contingent workforce.

MSP Services

We provide clients with a single-window approach to the acquisition of staffing services from vendors and independent contractors. Our analytics-driven program management provides on-demand access to top talent, increased spend visibility, and an edge to stay market-competitive. Our MSP services include talent management, training, payroll, contract management, compliance etc.

Our services are on-demand and flexible according to the organizational needs from time to time. We plan, recruit, train, and manage on your behalf thereby saving you time, cost and risk of managing. We help in upscaling and downsizing your manpower as and when needed unconditionally. We deliver services complying with the government labor rules and regulations.

RPO Services

As a Recruiting Process Outsourcing partner, we have the infrastructure in place for recruiting and servicing staffing needs at a very large scale. We provide dedicated teams of recruiters to work as in-house or remote teams to source, screen, recruit, and onboard candidates. Our RPO services offer you on-demand access to the best talent and help your organization to become agile, flexible and fast.

Faster organizations reap profits faster and outsourcing time taking processes like recruitment and onboarding is the best way to achieve swiftness in organizations. We give top priority to quality in every stage of recruitment. We take care of your training needs and help you recruit the right talent and train them to align with your organizational objectives. Our services are cost-effective and require less documentation.

Payroll & Compliance Management

We provide employer-of-record services and help clients address a range of compliance requirements and minimize exposure to compliance risks and liabilities. Our payroll systems are technologically sophisticated and customizable as and when required.

Payroll management is a very important process in the entire human resources function. Our payroll management processes are adaptable to organizational strategies. We follow standard procedures and techniques to manage employee remuneration, leaves, bonus, incentives, reimbursements etc., We offer industry benchmark quality and compliance standards. We also ensure timely payment of taxes, social security, etc., For financial review and assessment, our team can provide a real-time dashboard.

Workforce Advisory & Ancillary Services

Workforce planning is the most important function of any organization. We have rich experience in the field of workforce planning and strategy. With our deep understanding of talent market trends, we help clients create and execute comprehensive talent acquisition and management strategies, including outplacement services.

Our workforce strategy includes an in-depth assessment of organizational needs and objectives. The process starts with assessment, planning and recruiting. We help the organization to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each vacancy and design a career path for each role. We also manage team allocation, movement, labor rules compliance, contract management etc., We also assess the training needs and provide the necessary training that can help the organization to upskill its workforce from time to time.


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