Communications & Media

Seamless communication made possible.

The Media Industry is going through a metamorphosis, the way content is being consumed now is a sweeping change from the past. Social Media, OTT platforms have redefined how we consume data and made it accessible on the go. We help companies migrate from traditional media platforms to the latest and enable them to reach the targeted audience.

Implementation of 5G down the line will speed up the wireless data transmission and communication happens at lightning speeds. To achieve the best results from these innovative technologies business enterprises should invest in supportive technology infrastructure. This revolution might give way to increased vulnerability to potential cyber threats. Companies should give equal weightage to cybersecurity and resilience. Techwish has the capable talent to build a formidable cybersecurity strategy and infrastructure. Our services for the communications and media industry include Networking,

User interface, and user experience (UI/UX) design, Speech recognition, data storage, and backup, Data analytics, IoT, Cloud solutions, etc. TechWish has the expertise to deliver exceptional results for its clients in the Communications and Media space. Our clients, consisting of names like Comcast, TMobile, Sprint, Neustar, Gannett, etc., have trusted our capabilities for years. Our contingent staffing services help companies to better manage their teams and get the best of talent as and when they need it.


Diversity matters in building your brand reputation

Diversity matters in building your brand reputation

Diversity has been a hot topic in the business world for some time. With a diverse workforce, both employees and companies stand to gain. Often, innovation thrives when teams come from a range of backgrounds, bringing together a variety of perspectives that may...

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